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We Are B&M Better Built Barns

Owned by Bruce Tillack

We have been building custom barns for over twenty-five years.  Our fine line of ranch products includes custom built: panels, gates, corrals, round pens, roping arenas, barns, shed row stalls, breezeway barns, hay sheds, storage sheds, pasture shelters, and barns for small animals.

“This business began with a desire to create a panel that was safe for horses, and we expanded from there. Customers love our sturdy, durable, products that protect their animals; and appreciate the ability to custom design each item.  This has kept B&M Better Built Barns a success thru out the years."

– Bruce Tillack

Our Products

Breezeway Barns

The most versatile barn we build. This barn is designed to protect from the elements such as wind, rain, hail, heat, blowing snow and sand.

Small Animal Barns

If you are raising goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, or alpacas we can customize barns or buildings to meet your needs.


Our panels are designed so that the rails on the units are close enough to prevent horse’s heads from getting stuck between the rails.

Mare Motel

If you are handling a large number of horses every day and need to keep your animals separated, this is the way to go.

Storage Sheds

Storage Sheds can be built to any specification. They can be built with a connecting walkway to a barn or home or business.

Pasture Shelters

Pasture Shelters are open stalls that give protection from the elements: rain, hail, heat, sun.


Pens and Round Pens are a necessity for breaking horses. Our round pens consists of  12 or 18 panels or larger, and include a stall front panel with a large walk through gate.