Mare Motels

If you are handling a large number of horses every day and need to keep your animals separated, this is the way to go.


You can customize your mare motel with 5 to 8 rail dividers and ends.  The 5 rail is the most common.  Both stall fronts and rears can be designed with walk out gates.  Having a 12′ isle is the most convenient for moving animals and equipment.


B & M BetterBuilt Mare Motels can be placed to protect against prevailing wind, and offer shade from the sun. All have at least a 2/12 pitch or steeper for snow load of 75 to 85 pounds per square foot.


Tack rooms and hay storage areas can be built in.  Keep in mind that this style of barn does not protect from wind, but does provide excellent shade and rest areas, and helps to keep animals dry.

20 Stall Mare Motel  32 ft x 120 ft – with 20 – 12 ft x 16ft stalls. Back to back stalls. 2/12 pitch roof. 6 rail panels. 5′ doors on stall fronts.

20 Stall Mare Motel with 4 stalls across and 5 stall long with two 12 ft walkways, stall are oriented back to back.

20 Stall Mare Motel side view.

20 Stall Mare Motel back view –  showing the 200 ft by 100 ft riding arena.

20 Stall Mare Motel  36 ft x 120 ft – with 12 ft stall next to a 12 ft walkway and another 12 ft stall.