Our Panels are the reason we are in business.


This business began with a desire to design a panel that was safe for horses, and we expanded from there.  Panels are the basis of any fence, barn or shelter.


Our panels are designed so that the rails on the units are close enough to prevent horse’s heads from getting stuck between the rails.  Before B & M BetterBuilt Barn panels, costly injuries arising from this were common.  This design feature, along with strength, is the main selling point of our panels and anything that is built incorporating panels.


Panels can be built to any specification with 5, 6, or 7 rails, and we can create a gate to match.


Panels can be used to construct any shaped pen, including corrals, round pen, roping pens, and runs; these pens are often built as an extension of a barn.

5 Rail 12 foot  Panel. Our top selling panel with:  5 rails, 12 feet long by 62 inch tall, bottom rail 14 inches off the ground.  This 14 inch space was designed to allow a horse laying down to stand as it can easily remove its leg from under the panel as it stands up.

2 Stall Horse Pen 12 feet x 24 feet. pen created using our 5 rail panel panel, stall front with 52 inch walk thru gate, 101 inches tall for easy horse access, with 2 rails across the top for strength.

2 Stall Horse Pen 12 feet x 24 feet. side view of pen created using our 5 rail panels attached each to other using heavy duty clamps instead of pins for extra strength.

 Stall Horse Pen 12 feet x 24 feet. view of other side.