Small Animal Barns

Custom Barns for Small Animals


If you are raising goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, or alpacas we can customize barns or buildings to meet your needs.


We will help you provide shelter in buildings that are customized for your animals; you no longer have to rely on products that are built for horses.


We modify our complete line of products to suit your small animal needs: panels, gates, corrals, pens, barns, shed row stalls, pasture shelters.  You can customize stall sizes and panels, and mesh can be welded on to protect your animals.


The reason we began this business was a desire for safety of animals, to provide safety from threats of course, but the real focus was to design fencing panels that are not a threat to the animals they are protecting.  B & M BetterBuilt Barn panels are designed so that the rails on the units are close enough to prevent animals’ heads from getting stuck between the bars, which can be a common costly injury, especially for breeding and show animals.


B & M BetterBuilt barns can be placed to protect against prevailing wind, and offer shade from the sun. All have at least a 2/12 pitch or steeper for snow load of 75 to 85 pounds per square foot.


Tack rooms and feed storage areas can be built in.

Custom Sheep Barn 12 stall barn – 24 ft by 72 ft with 2 roll up doors and 2 man doors, with 6 windows and 12 sky lights.

Custom Sheep Barn inside view – each 12 ft stall is divided into 3 jug pens for lambing each is 4 ft by 6 ft covered with welded mesh for safety for babies, and a gate.