Storage Sheds

Storage Sheds can be built to any specification.


They can be built with a connecting walkway to a barn or home or business.


All Storage Sheds are customized to meet your needs.  They are built with garage type roll-up doors, man doors or with out doors.  Doors that move out of the way, allow for driving through with cleaning equipment.


B & M BetterBuilt Storage Sheds can be placed to protect against prevailing wind, and offer shade from the sun. All have at least a 2/12 pitch or steeper for snow load of 75 to 85 pounds per square foot.


Tack rooms with locking doors, or feed and equipment storage areas with completely open fronts can be designed to your individual needs and desires.


We will customize them to fit your every storage need.

Storage Shed with garage doors – 48 ft long by 24 ft wide. Roof pitch is 2/12.

Storage Shed with garage doors – inside view showing separate storage compartments created with 2 by 4 inch hole size mesh.

Storage Shed with garage doors – 36 ft long by 28 ft wide.

 Storage Shed with garage doors – side view.

Storage Shed with under construction.